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David replies to Shea…. and to Cestus Dei

Friends of this blog will recall a comment submitted by Cestus Dei not too long ago.    Well, I found that David Werling of Ars orandi wrote a  response to the neo-conservative Mark Shea that is also perfectly suitable for the … Continue reading

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After a very nice recess during which our family participated in a beautiful, traditional Corpus Christi procession, followed by Confession,  public recitation of the rosary, the Tridentine Mass, Eucharistic adoration and Benediction,   aahhh… Catholic life as it should be…I am … Continue reading

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“The Pope is about to propose to Bp. Fellay the institution of an Ordinariate….”

…in order to regularize the situation of the FSSPX…., granting them full …. autonomy… “ Our friends at Rorate have launched a most commendable appeal for prayers that our Holy Father’s desires for the regularization of the SSPX be fulfilled.  Please, … Continue reading

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An Informative Set of Videos on Receiving Communion

The two following videos were pointed out to me recently and they really shed light on the situation of receiving communion in the hand and why it is best to receive on the tongue.  Anybody who claims belief in the … Continue reading

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Thank you, Holy Father! Now, is there any way you can make ’em listen to you?

Please tell me if you think this papal letter will have positive affects in your typical parish.  Or will it be ignored and dismissed as just mere, personal opinion of the  Pope? The article starts out with this statement: “Pope … Continue reading

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