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What is the Principle Upon Which Tradition Proceeds?

From the Manual of The Holy Catholic Church, 1906 The Traditions of the Church Q.  What is meant by tradition? A.  The handing down from one generation to another, whether by word of mouth, or by writings, those truths revealed … Continue reading

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The Truth about “St. Cyril” and Communion in the Hand

From Rorate Caeli, with minute modifications for greater clarity: St. Cyril of Jerusalem and Communion in the hand  Regarding the matter of so-called “Communion in the hand,” [Una Fides] presents an article by the Rev. Father. Giuseppe Pace, S.D.B., published … Continue reading

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Conclusion of “His Gaze Rests Upon Me.”

The Mass, A Continuation of the Sacrifice of the Cross By Père Chauvin, S.S. S. Mary, when contemplating Jesus dying, adored through His abasement God’s justice and mercy. When assisting at Mass, unite with her sentiments, and with her recognize … Continue reading

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His Gaze Rests Upon Me.

I wonder how many of today’s trendier Blessed Sacrament Fathers would disavow the writings of one of their confreres now long dead, Père Chauvin, whose article I found  in one of their publications dated 1917.   Father presents a meditation still … Continue reading

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A Continuation of D. Pietro Leone’s TLM vs N.O.

Rorate Caeli continues with that excellent work of Don Pietro Leone which compares the TLM with the Missal of Paul VI.  Please check their site for the full article: “Respect for the Real Presence is expressed by the many genuflections, … Continue reading

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The Shot Being Heard ’round the World – Latest from El Paso

This is a good example of what it means to belong to the Church Militant.  Catholics unite!

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Don Pietro Leone’s Comparison, “The Roman Rite: Old and New”

Pertinent excerpts from a post at Rorate Caeli: The Roman Rite: Old and New – II Catholicism, Protestantism, and the theology of the New Roman Rite Catholic Dogma on the Blessed Eucharist is set forth definitively in the Council of … Continue reading

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“Give up Communion…???

 Don’t we all want to do great things for God?   The times call for great saints, but where do we begin? Aaah, the answer is so simple.  My prayer for everyone reading these line is that God will give you  … Continue reading

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Awesome Chant! Solesmes It Ain’t.

What I wouldn’t give to hear this on Easter morn at our TLM! This chant evokes POWER, strength, life, yes, triumphalism! Hearing “Crucem sanctam” almost takes my breath away.  Enjoy.

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One of the Earliest Pictographic Catechisms

A pictographic catechism of the Franciscan friar Pedro de Gante evidently influenced by Aztec writings. This catechism not of words, caused quite a stir in Europe at a time when Calvinistic iconoclasm was attacking the Catholic modes of transmitting the … Continue reading

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