Thank you, St. Joseph!

Well, it’s over.  We returned home from the October devotions and TLM last night fully exhausted.

(The batteries in my camera died after only a few snapshots, so all you’ll get are these.)

It’s been said that the TLM is the most beautiful  thing this side of heaven, and that is certainly no exaggeration – and I might add, especially so when it’s done by the Institute. Thank you, Rev. Canon Ueda, our dear friend, Abbé Georg, Paul and the schola, (When someone mentioned to the pastor that he himself could start celebrating the TLM, he replied: “But I wouldn’t have singing like that!) And oh, yes, how could I forget!  One of the ladies mentioned that the young organist had done a great job.  That was my son!

The word I heard mentioned to describe what some people experienced for the very first time, or for the first time since the NO,  was “awesome!”   And it was.

After the Mass, we met in the church hall for an abundance of good food and delightful company. It is at such gatherings that we enter into the most interesting and edifying conversations.  I sat at a table of six where three of the men present mentioned that they were converts, all three of them former Lutherans.

The wife of one of the men told us that her husband had never entertained the idea of  becoming Catholic because he could see no difference between his Protestant service and the N.O.   Then she heard about a TLM being celebrated about an hours drive away, and   they both started attending.  Not long after, he asked to be received into the Church.

I can’t conclude without mentioning Justin.  I think he was in high heaven when I told him that I had brought his favorite food – lengua tacos with all the fixings, including the hot pepper sauces!

Towards the end, Rose said:  “It’s always so hard leaving.”

But, we’ll do it again, guys!


This just in.  A friend sent me more photos.  Here is one of the high altar.  Would you believe the church is only about 6 years old?  Yeah! And they put in a high altar!

And here is one of Canon Ueda and the servers:

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