Short Meditation from St. Eymard

Let us increase our practice of the "Presence of God" during this Lenten season.

“Now to have one’s mind in God is to have the thought of God ever present, ruling, sustaining, and fructifying.  Do you habitually think of our Lord?  If you do, He is in your mind and is living there;  He lives there, since He is there as Lawgiver and as Master.

“If the mind does not live in God and does not nourish the supernatural life, then the heart and the will possess that life only fitfully, by sudden starts.  It is not firmly established and constant unless so nourished.  Therefore pious souls must read, meditate, lay up provision of light and strength.  The more interior one’s life is, the more one needs instruction either from books, mediation, or from God Himself.  Thus it happens that the great crowd of Christians who never think, are virtuous enough; but loving? Ah, no!  There are childishly pious souls who never think of our Lord, excepting, perhaps, to imagine Him fleetingly.  One must keep such people busy with a host of devotional practices and little personal sacrifices.  They do not know how to reflect;  they think only of obtaining particular and momentary graces.  They never think of our Lord Himself, have no idea of asking for His love or for the grace of the interior life.  They think only of good works; of God Himself, the principle of His love, and His perfections, never!  They do not rise very high; they are outside the supernatural life of the spirit……

“To change all this, our Lord must be known and loved in Himself.  Then, whether we do this thing, or that, we shall still love Him…”


About ihmprayforme

lifelong Catholic; homeschooled our children; have been regularly attending the Tridentine Mass for at least the past 17 years.
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