Archbishop Sartain Assists From the Throne

I was told about this event over a week ago, before it took place.   The reader who mentioned it, has also sent me a link to 189 photos  taken at the Mass and the reception.  Archbishop Sartain was our very own (Joliet diocese) before he was transferred to Seattle.  He was also the one who invited the FSSP into our diocese; we had great hopes that the apostolate would become solidly established and in time, have its own church.

Our new bishop, apparently has no keen interest in traditionalists.  He has told Fr. Berg that there are no churches available in the diocese to turn over to the FSSP.  So, after over three years, the FSSP is still sharing two parishes, and we still only have one priest to cover the entire diocese.   Because Father cannot come to Kankakee to celebrate Masses for us, we have had to have recourse to the Institute, whose priests are unmatched in zeal, generosity and kindness.   We have come to love them dearly!

Below is part of the post from the New Liturgical Movement regarding the March 7 Mass with Archbishop Sartain.

“On Wednesday, March 7, North American Martyrs Parish (FSSP) hosted Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle for a pastoral visit to commemorate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas. Archbishop Sartain assisted from the throne for the Solemn High Mass offered by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP, administrator of North American Martyrs…”

Here is the link to the 189 photos.  Go to Photo gallery of parish events. on the web page.

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