The Month of St. Joseph – Another Meditation

In part two of Msgr. R. Gentilucci’s compilation,  Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  Stephen  Binet [1800’s?] is quoted as follows:  “All that is great and singular in others, we find united in Saint Joseph and more.  Let us gather the flowers of this matter, dwelling on the point for some time.    It is certain that Saint Peter received a supreme power from Heaven:   to him were given the two keys, one to open Heaven, the other to close it:  under his authority did Christ place the government of the Church, constituting him His Vicar.  Peter did Our Lord commission to feed his sheep and lambs:  a truly great office;  but, withal, I say that it cannot be compared with the favor done Saint Joseph.  I confess that the Almighty did not give this saint the two keys, for these are put even in the hands of servants:  but God put in his charge Jesus and Mary, who are the two gates of Paradise.  Saint Peter fed the sheep and lambs; Joseph the Shepherd [H]imself and his Mother, the Virgin Mary, and under his authority as spouse of the Mother of God, and father of Jesus, had the Queen of Heaven and the very Lord of the universe.  Saint Peter governed the Church and Saint Joseph the very Head of the Church.  Peter loved Christ as his Lord, Joseph as his Lord and his Son….Let us pass from great men to angels.  I know that Saint Michael has the glory of being the valiant defender of the Incarnate Word and of the rights of the Divinity which daring Lucifer would have usurped, but I know that Saint Joseph, by a retreat exposed to the hardships of a dangerous journey and helplessness among strangers, delivered the Saviour from another cruel demon, King Herod, who sought the life of the new-born God.  We must, indeed, feel most grateful to the Archangel Gabriel for all his care in the Incarnation of the Son of God, giving to the world the tidings of its speedy deliverance; but yet it is evident that the Word made man engaged the first attention of Saint Joseph.  The angel announced our future happiness; but Joseph put his advice in execution, facing danger, toil and fear.  Angels in one instance fed Our Lord in the desert; but this service they rendered only once and with no toil on their part; Joseph maintained Jesus from his cradle to the age of thirty, laboring night and day to fulfill the obligation which his ministry imposed upon him.  But let us leave these similitudes, lest by comparing him with others, we lessen that which is in its dignity incomparable…”

Fr. Joseph Ignatius Vallejo, S.J. in this compilation of the Msgr. continues: “To all this we may add that Saint Joseph was not only the delegate of the Father, but also in some sort, if we may venture to use the words of Gerson, the Holy Ghost was his vicar and substitute: as with the consent of the most holy spouse of Mary, He produced in her pure womb the admirable work of our redemption and salvation.  This honor, joined to the title of Father of Jesus, which he acquired by the Holy Ghost’s acting in his stead, and his being head and superior of the Holy Family, if they do not prove a greatness surpassing that of all the blessed, at least justify us from all charge of rashness in conceding as probable that primacy which radiates from his dignity and ministry, as the sun shines amid the stars of the firmament.”

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