It Will Take a Lot More Than a Papal Visit

See, I told you so!  Russia has not been properly consecrated.  Who can believe that what you see in this video reflects anything of that era of peace which Heaven promised the world once the Church complied with our Lady’s requests?  If anything, the stench and fumes of hell have been even more pervasive since 1984.

People, it really is serious.  We are thick in the middle of the great apostasy foretold in the Apocalypse.  As Sr. Lucia said, the devil is in the mood for that final confrontation in which one winner will emerge.  We know already which side will be victorious, so choose sides because there will be no middle-of-the road travelers in this one last battle.   Papal visits to bolster the troops are having very little effect.  All those “John Paul II, we love you” visits to Mexico have done nothing to curtail the deadly destruction to souls!  How our Lady must weep.

She came with the solution, but who listens to her?  We, the laity, must pray and sacrifice for our Holy Father and our bishops, that they may finally heed the requests that our Lady made at Fatima.   Russia must be properly consecrated…or else.


Note:  I just watched a youtube showing that part of the Mass in which His Holiness gave Communion to President Calderon.  While the president did receive on the tongue, he did not kneel.  He did only a little better than the queen of Spain.

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lifelong Catholic; homeschooled our children; have been regularly attending the Tridentine Mass for at least the past 17 years.
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2 Responses to It Will Take a Lot More Than a Papal Visit

  1. Tom says:

    So I’ve always wondered about the consecration. Didn’t Sr Lucia say it had been done properly? I can’t say I know much about this, but I thought I’d heard that before.

    • ihmprayforme says:

      Thank you for your interest, Tom. I have loads of materials. My first source from years ago, was Mr. Guido del Rose, formerly of the Blue Army. He quit the organization because he couldn’t go along with the order from higher ups who no longer wanted to hear about Fatima’s request. These next few days until after Easter are going to be extremely busy for me, so I might not have the info for some time. But I will get something together.

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