Ite Ad Joseph!

Here is the last of the meditations for this month of St. Joseph.  To it, I might add that it seems God is offering us the most powerful aid of Saint Joseph to assist us through the spiritual famine and desolation now afflicting the entire world.  We recall that at Fatima, on October 13, 1917, Saint Joseph appeared with the Child Jesus in his arms.   Lucia recounted that both of them together blessed the crowds.

From the section, Life of St. Joseph as found in Msgr. Gentilucci’s compilation:

Saint Bernardine goes even further and does not hesitate to say:  “Beyond all doubt Jesus in heaven not only does not refuse Saint Joseph those marks of familiarity and respect, which he gave him during life as a son to a father, but he crowns it by new regard.”

Observe the words, familiarity and respect!  That same Lord who on earth honored Saint Joseph as a father will surely refuse him nothing that he asks in heaven.  To which we must add that if Joseph on earth had no authority over Christ’s humanity as his natural father, he had nevertheless, at least in a certain manner as spouse of Mary, who as our Saviour’s natural mother had authority over him.  He who has dominion over the tree has too, over the fruit which it bears.

Let us imagine then that the Lord seeing us in pain, says to us the words which Pharao addressed to the people at the time of that great famine which desolated the land of Egypt:  “Go to Joseph,” Go to Joseph, if you would be consoled…those certainly receive most grace who invoke him most frequently and most confidently.  Let us then not fail every day, and several times a day, to commend ourselves to Saint Joseph, who, next to Our Lady, is the most powerful with God of all the Saints.  Let us never fail to address him some particular prayer, and more especially in his novena let us multiply our prayers, and fast on the eve of his feast.  Let us ask him for graces and he will obtain all that will be useful for our souls.  Above all do I exhort you to ask of him three special graces: pardon for sin, love of Jesus, and a happy death…let us have recourse to Saint Joseph, who is more beloved by Christ in heaven now than he was on earth.  Let us moreover ask of Saint Joseph love of Jesus, for I am assured that the most signal grace which Saint Joseph can obtain for those who honor him, is a tender lover for the Incarnate Word, in regard for the affection which Joseph had for Jesus in this world.  Moreover, let us ask of him a happy death…Those then who have confidence in him should hope that Saint Joseph at the moment of their death will come to assist them accompanied by Jesus and Mary.

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