Ostpolitik Did Them In – The Cristeros

I’ve been doing a little searching for some information on the Cristeros which would have the most factual and Catholic of aspects, and this is what I found.  It is excellent.  I can’t help but feel a great deal of sorrow and compassion for the last of the Cristeros, who due to ostpolitik diplomacy, were betrayed and led to the slaughter, just like their King.   And as I read, I recalled that part of the vision of  Fatima of July 13, 1917, in  which  Sr. Lucia saw “Beneath the two arms of the Cross… two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”

I pray that some of the Cristero blood be sprinkled  upon the souls of the Church Militant as we make our way to God,  for these are the most perilous of times.  So much darkness still lies ahead before the dawn of our Lady’s triumphant victory over Satan. Keep the Faith!

¡¡Viva Cristo Rey!!  ¡¡Viva la Santisima Virgen Maria!!

Link to the article here

[It] is the transcript of a lecture given in 1997 at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary School located in the Vendee in western France. It was translated by Angelus Press from the Sel de la Terre (Summer 2001). The unidentified quotations are mostly from Hugh Keraly’s Les Cristeros [Grez-en-Boulere: DMM, 1986]. For readers unfamiliar with the history of the French Revolution and the resistance of the Vendee, a province in Western France where the people rose up against the regicide Republicans, Michael Davies’s book For Altar and Throne [available from Angelus Press. Price: $13.95] provides a brief summary of the events and a moving tribute to those heroes and heroines.

The author M. Olivier Lelibre is a young father of a family and a high school teacher in the Vendee region of France.


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